Two reports I thought you might like to read.
on Wednesday 03 December 2008 - 17:46:06 | by Elizabeth

As the muse is still playing hard to get, I thought you might like to at least read about my two meetings with the stars of Stargate SG1. They're in the 'others' section. And hopefully I will get back to writing soon. It's very annoying having ideas, and not being able to get them down on paper...
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Writing News
on Wednesday 11 July 2007 - 20:23:10 | by Elizabeth

After a few real life knocks of my own the past couple of years, the muse has finally returned and, yes, I am writing again! Already this story is bigger than anything I've done before and I'm really enjoying myself putting pen to paper, so to speak. So keep tuned and, hopefully, there'll be another new story here within the next few weeks. And many thanks for everyone's patience and good thoughts. It's been appreciated.

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